Foka Amalia

Computer Science: Multimedia Art Applications

Amalia Foka is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science Applications for the Arts at the Department of Fine Arts & Art Sciences, School of Fine Arts, University of Ioanninam. She completed the BEng in Computer Systems Engineering in 1998 and the MSc in Advanced Control in 1999 at the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST) in the United Kingdom. Then she completed her doctoral dissertation (2005) in Robotics at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Crete. Since 2005 she has taught extensively at the University of Patras, University of Ioannina and the University of Peloponnese at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her research interests focus on Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Robots as well as computer science applications for the arts, digital interaction, human-computer interaction
and generative and computational creativity processes.

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Position: Assistant Professor
Scientific Area: Computer Science: Multimedia Art Applications
Laboratory Supervisor: Multimedia Lab
Postal Address: University of Ioannina
Central Library Building
Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences
P.C. 45110 Ioannina GR
Office: Ground Floor, Room 254
Telephone: (+30) 26510-05915
Fax: (+30) 26510-05086
Office hours: Tuesday 18.00-20.00, Thursday 10.00-12.00
Social Networks:
– Skype: amaliafoka
– Academia:
– Linked In: amalia-foka
Detailed Curriculum Vitae: fokaCV_full_en

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