Christos Dermentzopoulos

Anthropology of Art, Cultural and Film Studies

In my work I attempt to investigate the various ways in which the popular ideology and mentality deal with the cultural products of popular culture, mainly importing an anthropological perspective in my examination. Research subjects such as the genre cinema and the popular literature have often been neglected by academic research, even though they constitute a field which combines characteristics both from the popular and from the more scholar culture. It is my belief that they help to understand the construction of an alternative identity as opposed to the dominant national identity that is promoted through the national ideology and, therefore, they deserve to be examined under new theoretical perspectives. In this framework, I use the methodological tools that emanate from cultural anthropology, sociology, cultural studies as well as anthropology of art (symbolic capital, cultural hegemony, identity and alterity). My line of work is structured interdisciplinarily comprising semiotics, anthropology of art, visual sociology and cultural studies, combining the relevant theoretical and methodological outlines of the above.

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Position: Professor
Scientific Area: Anthropology of Art, Cultural and Film Studies
Laboratory Supervisor: History of Art Lab
Postal Address: University of Ioannina
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Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences
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